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Flowmeter Calibrations

We can calibrate your flowmeter, including:

- Rotometers

- Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

- Magnetic flowmeters

- Vortex  flowmeters

- Coriolis flowmeters

- Insertion probes

- Turbine meters

- Ultrasonic Flowmeters

- Nozzles, venturis, SAO's, Orifice flowmeters

- Paddle Wheel meters

- PD  (Positive Displacement) meters

- Gear Meters

- Strain gages

- Air velocity equipment, including anemometers, vanes, flowhoods (balometers)

- IAQ equipment, gas station equipment.

- CFO Kits, leaks.

- We also offer FREE repair evaluations.

On-Site Services

We also offer on-site calibration services, Give us a call to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Contact us @ (714) 827-1215

Flow systems design

Need a wind tunnel? We can design and build it according to your needs. We design and build test stands and systems according to what you need.

We have over 52 years of experience working with flow metering equipment, let us use that experience to help you with your consulting needs


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