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About Dick Munns Company

Dick Munns Company was established in 1962 with the goal of providing quality flow calibrations for the aerospace, energy, and medical industries. It is our goal to constantly expand and adapt to provide affordable, quality calibrations for any and all industries in need of flow testing. 

Our Vision.


Dick Munns Company has been family owned since its inception and this close work environment has conditioned us to strive to meet the following goals for our services:


- We seek to offer an intimate and personal experience to our customers.  We understand that this type of service is hard to come by in today's business world and we truly believe that our customers deserve a


- We strive to offer the most competative pricing around without compromising quality.  We understand that flow calibrations can be expensive and that


We are a family owned and operated laboratory. As such, we attain to the following rules:

- We keep a close relationship with our customers, we don't enjoy dealing with machines, so you won't.


- Our prices will be always competitive. Depending on your needs, we usually offer the best price  when compared to other labs.


- Need an expedited service? We offer 1 day and even same day turnaround times, please call us for details.


We've just expanded.


Founded in 1962, Dick Munns Company has been a nationally recognized leader in flow calibration services. In order to accommodate the needs of our customers, we are continually expanding our  capabilities and expertise fields.


Our new expansion adds 6500 sq.ft of lab space to accommodate the high volume of services we are offering at the moment.

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