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Dick Munns Company's rental program offers a wide variety of meters that we can tailor to fit your specific needs.  This program does not simply provide affordable flow meters it provides solutions.  Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and they can often provide you with a meter that will fit your needs even if you are not altogether sure what it is that you need.  We can accommodate most time schedules and all of our rental equipment comes with a certificate and is ISO:17025: 2005 accredited.


Why Rent?


Renting is a cost saving way of using a piece of equipment that you might need to use for a single test. Compared to the high investment needed when buying equipment, renting saves you money, and since we have a wide variety of instruments in stock, your waiting time is minimal.


It is not expensive.


Seriously! Give us a call to discuss your needs  (714) 827-1215


It's convenient.


Your rented equipment will delivered right to suit  your specific needs. Everything already programmed and calibrated.

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