Flowmeter Calibrations
On-Site Services

We can calibrate your flowmeter, including:

- Rotometers

- Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

- Magnetic flowmeters

- Vortex  flowmeters

- Coriolis flowmeters

- Insertion probes

- Turbine meters

- Ultrasonic Flowmeters

- Nozzles, venturis, SAO's, Orifice flowmeters

- Paddle Wheel meters

- PD  (Positive Displacement) meters

- Gear Meters

- Strain gages

- Air velocity equipment, including anemometers, vanes, flowhoods (balometers)

- IAQ equipment, gas station equipment.

- CFO Kits, leaks.

- We also offer FREE repair evaluations.

We also offer on-site calibration services, Give us a call to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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Flow systems design

We have over 52 years of experience working with flow metering equipment, let us use that experience to help you with your consulting needs


Need a wind tunnel? We can design and build it according to your needs. We design and build test stands and systems according to what you need.